With Heart’s Desire Services LLC, there is a sharp focus on helping customers to create the desired space in their personal and professional life through assistance with planning, organization, downsizing, simplification, and having fun. 

Heart’s Desire recognizes that life is full, and personal energy is precious. We work with our customers to reduce burdens so life events such as relocating, are more pleasurable, efficient and effective.  

Heart’s Desire is the doer. The customer is the decision maker. Collectively a customized plan is designed to achieve the customer’s desired outcome. Our customers are afforded peace of mind and a sense of control. 

Think of this service as the extra hands that are sometimes needed to have the time for the activities and events that are your own… “Heart’s Desire!”


From Our Clients. . .

"Mary was instrumental in assessing our needs and customizing her assistance which contributed to a house sold and a successful life transition! She was a confidant and a support to me. I will be forever grateful for her organizational skills, her patience, her joyous disposition, and strong work ethic.”


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I purchased one of Mary Little's (Heart's Desire) 30-hour packages as I needed help and support with de-cluttering and organizing.  I researched professional organizers in the Richmond area fairly extensively and chose Mary for two main reasons:  her costs are more reasonable than other organizers and she was willing to be flexible with both the process and with scheduling.  I was surprised to learn that some organizers have very specific ways of doing things-  Mary appealed to me because she made me feel like I was in charge and she was there to support and guide me.  

After working with her for 30 hours, I can say that I highly recommend Heart's Desire Organizing.  Mary is personable, reliable, flexible and a very hard worker. I made significantly more progress with her than I ever could have made on my own. I still have a way to go, and I look forward to an on-going relationship with Mary as I continue toward my organizing goals. 

Jane from Henrico, VA