Working with a professional organizer can be a great experience for everyone. Organizers bring professional structure and planning to an otherwise chaotic situation. But, what can you expect when working with us?  While each situation is unique and requires a slightly different approach, here are some general guidelines. 

Whether you are getting ready to make a move, downsizing or just need to get a room in your home functioning again so you can use it or repurpose it - that is how you can benefit from professional organizing services!  Going through everything and purging items that are no longer necessary for you or that area are the first step. 

Because the situation can be overwhelming or unpleasant, a professional organizer can help you regardless of your specific situation.  Without judgment, an experienced organizer will help you assess your needs and help you develop a plan to accomplish your goals.


Ask Yourself the Three Right Questions:

1.     Do I currently use it?

2.     Do I really love it?

3.     Would I buy it again?

Adapted from Kathi Lipp’s book: Clutter Free


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